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Opsys Trade Show Booth
Rena PattonDec 13, 2022 7:00:00 AM2 min read

Make Sure Your Booth Gets Home Safely (and Ready for Your Next Show)

When you have invested a significant amount of money into a trade show booth design, you want to be sure that it comes back to you safely after each event. While some damage is going to happen any time you take large equipment and gear on the road, there are steps you can take to minimize that damage and help your trade show booth get home safely and ready to go for your next show. Here are some strategies to employ to protect your investment in your booth.


1. Confirm the Logistics

Before you head out for your show, make sure you have all of the logistics for delivery and pickup of your booth confirmed. If you are bringing it in yourself, make sure you know what entrance you’re using and how you can haul the gear in. If you are having it delivered, connect with the delivery company to confirm logistics. Confirm these details before the show begins, and then confirm them again as it is nearing the end date.

Before you pack up your stuff to ship it to the trade show, take pictures. You’ll need these later as you look for shipping damage. The pictures will confirm that everything is in good condition. If the items are already packed, then have your staff take pictures as soon as they set it up at the event.


2. Properly Pack Your Stuff

Damage in transit is common with trade show booth equipment. To minimize this risk, make sure your booth is properly packed before the event. Then, make sure you re-pack it safely after the event is over. Make sure the staff that is taking the equipment to the trade show has the proper training to package up your booth in a way that minimizes damage.

If you do have any damage at the event, have your staff make note of it. Take pictures if possible. This way you will know that the damage didn’t occur in transit. Having pictures will also help you plan for fixing the damage before your next event, which eliminates the risk of having an unwelcome surprise when you open up your equipment at the start of the event.


3. Check for Damage After Returning

When you get your booth back home, compare the pictures you have taken along the way with the current condition of the booth. Look carefully for signs of damage, and assess whether or not that damage can be repaired or needs to be repaired.

If you need to make any repairs, take care of them as quickly as possible. It's easy to forget about these as you go about your daily work, only to find that there are serious issues when the next trade show comes around. By addressing damage now, you won’t have to rush when the next trade show arrives, and you can take care of problems in a more leisurely fashion.


Get Professional Help to Create Your Trade Show Booth

The key to a great trade show is not just preparation, though preparation is important. It is also the right design. Partnering with an experienced exhibit house is the key to having a great trade show experience every time. Your exhibit house will help you plan for not only the design of the booth, but also how you will pack and store it. Exhibit Options is an experienced team that knows what it takes to have a successful trade show. Contact us today to get started planning for your trade show booth experience.