Do you want to make the most out of your next trade show booth? The key is to make an excellent first impression on everyone who walks in the door. Thankfully, there are steps you can take with your trade show booth design that will practically ensure you have the right first impression on every customer. Here are some tips from our designers to help you make a splash at your next event.


1. Know Your Audience

First, know your target customer or client. You need to make sure that your booth, product, or service reaches them.

For example, if your target customer is someone who needs to see a product demonstrated before making a purchase decision, then your design needs to have the space and supplies to show a demonstration. This might mean a demonstration kitchen or a floor space that lets you show what your product can do, or it may mean video screens to allow you to show videos of the product in action.

On the flip side, if your business provides a service, then you might not be able to showcase what you “do” in live demonstrations. In this scenario, you will want to have client testimonials, so your booth may need video monitors to put them on repeat.


2. Lay the Digital Groundwork

Are you marketing digitally to your target audience? Consider using your digital platforms to set the stage for the appearance of your booth. This helps you make the right first impression by giving that impression before the event even starts. Post a sneak peak of your booth on your social media pages, for example, and get people excited about visiting you at the in-person event.

This also helps set the right first impression by showing your followers how to find you. They will have a visual in mind that will draw them to your booth. By making a great first impression before the show, you may end up with more foot traffic as a result.


3. Have a Pre-Show Attendee List

If your trade show does a pre-show attendee list, then use it to your advantage. Cross-reference it with any existing customers or leads you have been interacting with. Then, use that information to reach out to them with a personal invitation to visit your booth.

This type of personal outreach will increase awareness of your brand. If your service is the type that lets you book appointments, then book those appointments before the trade show begins. This will draw more traffic to your booth space, and a busy booth will draw more potential clients and customers overall.

There are many ways to make a solid first impression on your trade show attendees, and these three steps will get you started. Remember, it all starts with the right design, and there are steps you can take to ensure your design is as effective as possible.


Use an Experienced Design House to Increase Your Reach

To increase the effectiveness of your trade show booth’s impression, you need to work with an experienced design house. Exhibit Options is here to help you create an effective trade show booth with a design that makes a great visual impression while also increasing traffic and the overall impact of your brand. Be sure to partner with an experienced exhibit house who knows what it takes to constantly provide a top-notch attendee experience, and can walk you through an effective day-of-show strategy. Reach out to Exhibit Options today to schedule a consultation to discuss your trade show booth design.