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Rena PattonSep 11, 2019 8:54:00 AM4 min read

4 Things Your Exhibit House Wishes You Knew

When it comes to your trade show booth design and trade show planning, your exhibit house is your most important partner. After all, a good exhibit house will help you manage all the important elements of your trade show display, from custom trade show displays and fabrication to storage and transport. 

As with any partnership, communication, collaboration and trust are essential. This ensures everyone is on the same page when it comes to trade show planning: goals, priorities, and expectations. In order to make your experience with your exhibit house as seamless as possible, here are a few important things to keep in mind while planning your trade show booth design with your exhibit house.


1. Do your research and come prepared 

First: Do your research before selecting an exhibit house to work with. Not all exhibit houses are the same, and different exhibit houses offer different services. Look for the term “full-service,” which usually means that more is done in-house, and less work is contracted out to other companies. This can be a benefit when it comes to any shifts in your timeline, and even may result in lower service pricing.

Next: Spend some time thinking about your objective for exhibiting. Will there be potential leads in attendance? Does it coincide with an important milestone in your business? Do you have the time and energy to devote to making the experience a success?

Once you decide why you’re participating, it’s important to determine your trade show booth requirements. This might include the size, style, and functional elements of your booth, including any moving parts or digital signage needs. 

As you prepare, be sure that all of your decision-makers and key stakeholders are in agreement on the above elements before you submit your information to your exhibit house. This way, you can eliminate any unnecessary back-and-forth confusion.


2. Be realistic and honest

Part of the recipe for success in working with your exhibit house is that you are realistic and honest with your trade show booth ideas and goals. Most importantly, be upfront about your budget and timeline. Talk to your exhibit house about your deadlines and budget in your initial conversations. This helps ensure that the project can be accomplished within those parameters. 

Next, remember to keep the communication going throughout the process. If you want to try something, bring your ideas to the table. Be creative! Above all, be clear about your goals and needs.

Lastly, be upfront with your likes and dislikes during the entire process. Your exhibit house relies on information like this in order to help you create a display booth that fits your goals and vision.


3. Leave the designing to the exhibit house, but don’t fall off the grid

When you’re working with an exhibit house, the actual design rendering will be done by your exhibit house designers. Don’t waste money on an outside designer. It’s an extra cost for a service already provided by your exhibit house. An outside design will most likely have to be re-done anyway to ensure it’s designed to spec and in accordance with your requirements and stakeholder agreements.

A word on mood boards: while they can be a fun way to express ideas and generate visuals, it’s not the right place to truly develop your booth design. Instead, talk with your exhibit house about your objectives and your vision, your booth size and specs, and the timelines for the show you’re interested in. These parameters fuel the discussion for a great design.

Of course, even once the design conversations are underway, don’t forget to be responsive. Working with an exhibit house is a two-way street. If your exhibit house requests logos by a certain date, it’s for a good reason. You expect your exhibit house to communicate with you in a timely and respectful manner; don’t forget to uphold your end of the agreement.


4. Don’t overthink it

When partnering with an experienced exhibit house, trust is key. Be honest with your goals and vision, but be open to their suggestions and expertise as well. Communicate throughout the entire process, and trust them to do the heavy lifting.

In terms of design, know that less is more. Don’t try to cram too many competing elements or activities into a single booth design. Rather, opt for a layout that supports your primary objective and doesn't overwhelm the show attendees.



Your exhibit house is your trusted partner every step of the way – from sharing your vision, to building custom displays, to seeing results from a successful trade show. By partnering closely with your exhibit house from start to finish, you’re sure to see wonderful results.  

Exhibit Options has been in business for over a decade, and partners with major brands and small companies alike. Learn more about how we can partner with you during your next trade show.