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Rena PattonJun 14, 2022 7:00:00 AM3 min read

What Physical Properties Does Your Trade Show Booth Need to Have?

Design is an essential part of the planning process for your trade show booth. However, you must consider the physical components necessary to bring your design to life. Depending on your company goals, your trade show booth may contain tables, countertops, workstations, slat walls, LED screens, lighting fixtures, computers, or projectors. You may even need to have a private demo room, reception areas, or seating to provide your viewers with an all-inclusive experience of your product or services.

When building your trade show booth, there are many moving parts, and it will be overwhelming — even if you’re a frequent trade show exhibitor. Working with an experienced exhibit house will help ease your stress and ensure you’re not missing any critical components. Before planning your next trade show booth, here are five questions to ask yourself and your team.


Question #1: What is The Purpose of Your Booth?

First and foremost, what is the purpose of your booth and your company’s goals for attending the trade show? Do you want to increase visibility for your business and attract new customers, or are you sampling products and services? How extravagant or interactive would you like your booth to be? Figuring this part out will help narrow down the list of physical components you’ll need to build your booth.


Question #2: Do You Require Display Samples or HandOuts?

If you hand out samples or display products, you’ll need to find proper shelvings, tables, countertops, and storage areas that complement your booth. You might want to consider strategically hiding your extra products or samples under the tables or away from visitors so as to not clutter your booth space and take away from your client’s experience.


Question #3: Are You Providing a Demonstration or Presentation?

Depending on your company, you might want to provide clients with either a presentation or demonstration of your product or services — which will likely require both audiovisual and lighting systems. Determine if an LED tile wall or a large monitor is a better solution, and design the exhibit accordingly. Also, consider building a stage for your demonstration, as it’ll be easier to hide cables, wires, and other components under the stage. An excellent place to start is determining what your demonstration or presentation will consist of, and then finding physical components that will help make it possible. Another consideration is whether you'll need to hire an actor or have an existing team member perform the demonstration.


Question #4: Will Your Potential Clients Need a Private Space For a Conversation?

Private demo rooms or conference rooms are standard for large-scale trade show booths. It’s even more impressive if you have a double-deck booth with rooms both upstairs and downstairs. The trade show floor will undoubtedly be crowded and loud, so investing in a private space for conversations, demonstrations, or presentations is a great way to show potential clients your company’s dedication to them. If your company sells large-ticket items, works in banking, offers contracts, or has other major purchase options for your trade show attendees, this quiet area can help take pressure off your clients as they make their decisions.


Question #5: What’s Your Trade Show Booth Budget?

Last but certainly not least, what is your trade show booth budget? How much are you willing to spend on this year’s trade show booth? Each physical component varies in cost, and you must take into account any backup options in case something goes wrong. Also, you should determine if a custom booth or a rental booth is more fitting for your company. Read our previous article, Trade Show Best Practices: Determining Your Booth's Budget, to learn more.


Need More Help? We’re Here for You!

Even after answering these questions, you may find that the number of options you have is overwhelming. The team at Exhibit Options provides individual attention to help you find suitable trade show booth options, including the physical properties that will make it a success. Whether you need something simple to display your brand or want to implement more interactive features that will allow you to give intricate demonstrations, we will help you hash out your options and design a booth that will be everything you need. Reach out to Exhibit Options today to learn more about how we can partner with you on your next trade show build.