Planning your next spectacular trade show booth doesn't have to be overwhelming. If you're struggling to find inspiration, try using your previous trade show booth build to help inspire new ideas.

Review your brainstorming and design notes from your previous build and consider using the features that didn't "make the cut" the first time around. For example, if you couldn't fit the extra LED wall to the first booth, try incorporating it into the design for this year's booth (if it makes sense to do so). You may find that some things worked quite well with the build, while other things may need to be changed up a bit. Use that information to help guide your design team to brainstorm your next trade show booth build.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team during the brainstorming process: 


What Type of Displays Have You Used?

Let's start with the foundation. What type of booth did you have in previous years, and do you want to keep it the same or try something new this time around? Some popular options include:

  • Inline exhibits
  • Peninsula exhibits
  • Small and large islands
  • Two-story exhibits
  • Portable exhibits

Determining the base of your display is a crucial first step because the rest of your budget will center around recycling your old booth or building a brand new one. During the brainstorming sessions, remember to consider your long-term goals and future uses for these booths.


Do you want to keep similar accent pieces, or Would You Like to Go in a Different Direction?

Once you've decided on the base of your booth, it's time to re-evaluate the accent pieces that brought your last booth to life.

  • Was your last booth design functional and met all your needs?
  • Were your visitors able to navigate the space easily, or did they struggle?
  • Were your team members able to find what they needed close at hand as they interacted with guests?
  • Did the design have an aesthetically pleasing look?

The answers to these questions will help you decide if you want to keep a similar design or move onto something completely different.


First-Time Show Goer? What to Consider when Planning Your Design

If you are planning for your first exhibit, you won't have past exhibits to draw from to help you plan your design. In this case, there are a few key factors to consider when planning your design. These include:

  • Design Requirements — Know what your goals and needs are for your show, then determine what booth requirements will be required.
  • Design Renderings — Work with a design team that can send renderings of their ideas to help you visualize the final design.
  • Detailed Quotes — While you might not immediately get an exact quote for the design and building process, you can still ask for a cost breakdown of anticipated materials needed so you can plan ahead for any unexpected costs.

For more ideas to help you plan your first trade show booth, check out our "Trade Show Booth Design Process" guide. With the help of our design team at Exhibit Options, you can have a beautiful trade show booth that will work well for your goals.


Partner with the Right Exhibit House to Plan an Effective Design

Working with an experienced exhibit house and design team will provide you with the right direction and guidance to build a winning trade show booth. Our expert team can help bring your ideas and creativity to life! We work closely with you — from the initial design to the final build of your exhibit — to ensure it works well for your needs. Contact us today for more information.