When you’re choosing a trade show booth design, you have many options available to you. The island trade show booth is a popular choice, but you may not know if you want this style if you don’t understand what it is and how it works.

Here’s a closer look at the popular island trade show booth.

What Is It?

The island trade show booth sits in the middle of the aisles of the trade show. It’s exposed on all four sides to the aisle, and it can range in size depending on how large the trade show exhibit space is. This design requires visibility from all angles, which can limit the use of tall and wide display elements.

Pros and Cons of the Island Trade Show Booth

The island trade show booth is a good choice, but that doesn’t mean it is without its drawbacks. On the positive side, it is a versatile option that allows for many different features, layouts, and builds. It is one of the most flexible design choices for this reason.

Island trade show booths also allow for quite a bit of foot traffic. Visitors can enter from all four sides, depending on the floor plan of the event. It also utilizes ceiling space well, often with overhead, hanging elements, which can draw attention to the booth.

On the negative side, because this type of booth is so versatile and has so many customization options, it is sometimes more expensive than a standard booth. The varied elements and unique designs can cost more to build.

Another drawback is the lack of a solid wall. This can limit the amount of visual material or force the design team into creating small visuals rather than one large wall of marketing material. Working with an experienced design team will help limit this drawback so the booth can maximize every inch of its space.


Creativity is the Name of the Game with Island Trade Show Booths

If you take a look at the Exhibit Options portfolio, you can clearly see the various designs and the overall versatility of this type of booth.

AAL Lighting created what looked like a backyard, complete with garden plants, lighting, and seating. This design showcased their products while drawing visual attention to the booth. Carefully placed television monitors allowed for branding and information, and cozy seating spaces provided a place for staff to chat with customers.

Boviet Solar got creative with a central pillar. The curving lines draw attention in, and the central display means that access from all sides is not lost. Overhead signage that hangs from the ceiling draws additional attention to the booth.

The Amagi Media Labs booth takes a more traditional design. In each of the four corners of the 30' x 30' display, a corner counter provides a place to set display materials or chat with customers. Three of these have screens that visitors can use to learn more about the products. The fourth is open, providing staff a place to engage with people walking by. Multiple tables add seating for talking with customers, but the overall design remains uncluttered and streamlined.

For an even more colorful and creative option, consider the Butterfly Bakery display. The curving lines of the display provide a place to put branding and information, and the open floor plan lets customers maneuver the booth to browse products and learn more about the company. It’s also quite eye-catching, and the curving canopies would not be possible with a standard booth type.

With each of these booths, the design team added eye-catching elements that will pull people in. They worked with the brand’s goals and guidelines and ensured that there was plenty of space for foot traffic.

Build the Best Island Trade Show Booth with Exhibit Options

Island trade show booths can be quite effective, but they need careful designs. If you are ready to start building your booth, reach out to the team at Exhibit Options.

We can put our many years of experience to work for you, ensuring that you get a design that fits your needs well, draws traffic in, works with your brand, and gives you the best possible results.

We will help you determine which booth style is best, and will help you every step of the way as you build it. Contact our team today.