Your goal when heading to a trade show is to put your best foot forward. This starts with an effective, eye-catching trade show booth design.

However, in an effort to draw attention, you can find yourself falling victim to the temptation to put too much into the design. Overdoing the design comes from a place of zealous excitement about the possibilities, but it can backfire by making your booth less attractive.

As you design and plan your trade show booth, make sure you aren’t overdoing it. Here are four tips to help you create a complete, effective design without doing too much.

1. Build Your Acquisition Strategy Ahead of Time, and Stick to the Plan

Before you head to the trade show, have your acquisition strategy in mind. If you are pitching a product or service at the trade show, then your booth’s design should be focused on showcasing that product or allowing you to demonstrate your service.

If your focus is branding, then your booth should focus on delivering a positive experience to visitors that will keep your name in the forefront of their minds.

Your design should not try to highlight every product or service you offer. It's also not a portfolio to showcase all of the partners you’ve had over the years. You don’t need to pack it full of every detail you can think of in order to try to draw a crowd.

Target a specific demographic or client type, then hone in on the design that will reach them.


2. Separate Your Sales Pitch from Your Booth Design

Your booth should help you with your sales, but it should not be a sales pitch extension. This means it shouldn’t have text plastered across all of your walls to explain your product offering. Instead, you should have a design that stands out and draws people in.

When someone shows interest, your event staff will deliver the sales pitch or gather the contact information for your sales team to reach out to later. If you must add sales pitch messaging to the booth design, keep it minimal.

3. Use Branding to Tie it Together

Branding is an important part of trade show booth design. You should use your logo and color scheme as well as any other branding elements to tie the design together. It should connect with the rest of your marketing material, including your online marketing material, to keep your brand cohesive. Rather than trying to pack everything you can into your trade show booth, focus on bringing in your key branding elements.


4. Don’t Overwhelm the Space

Finally, even when adding branding, don’t overwhelm your space. Keep everything to a minimum, so people will find what they need when they visit your booth, rather than being turned away by a cluttered, packed display.

Remember, you want to be eye-catching and memorable, but only if you are doing so for the right reasons. If people are talking about your gaudy, hard-to-read booth, you will lose all of the potential benefits you could have gotten from the trade show.


Confused Where to Start? Get Professional Help

Adding just the right amount of elements to your trade show booth, without being too jam-packed, is difficult. That’s why successful businesses partner with experienced design houses. With the help of an experienced design team like Exhibit Options, you can build an eye-catching display with just the right amount of elements to draw positive attention.

Contact Exhibit Options today to start working on your trade show booth with our experienced, professional design team.