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Rena PattonJan 24, 2023 7:00:00 AM3 min read

What Is an Inline Trade Show Booth?

When you go to a trade show, chances are high that the trade show booths you see all lined up in a row are inline trade show booths. An inline trade show booth is a booth designed to sit back to back and side to side with other booths.

It often has a u-shaped design, maximizing the use of the space while allowing the next booth to have its own defined space. One side of the inline booth remains open to the aisle so that customers can come and go. While inline booths come in more than one size, the 10’x10’ size is common, as this is typically the size of an exhibit space at a trade show.

At Exhibit Options, this is one of our most popular design choices.

Pros and Cons of Inline Booths

Having an inline booth for your trade show has both benefits and drawbacks to consider. On the positive side, these booths are smaller than other styles, like booths with an island. This makes them more affordable and also easier to transport, set up, and tear down.

The smaller size means you will almost always fit the space you’re given at a trade show. You won’t need to reserve a uniquely shaped space, which may or may not be available. If you do need a larger space, simply put multiple inline booths together to create a larger one.

Finally, these booths are great for testing out new ideas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to see if your new promotional booth will do well, which lets you be creative.

On the negative side, the smaller size means you can’t hang any signage overhead. Inline booths cannot be more than eight feet tall, and this limits your overhead space. An inline booth also can’t accommodate large crowds of people. At particularly busy trade shows, this can be considered a drawback.

Inline booths also create more competition for traffic and attention. Because you’re smaller, people won't notice you as easily.

Finally, inline booths may not be given the prime spots at the trade show. This can limit the number of people who actually stop at your booth.

If, after weighing the pros and cons, you decide that an inline booth is right for you, Exhibit Options will help you design a professional one to properly fit your needs.

See Inline Booth Examples from Exhibit Options

At Exhibit Options, even though inline booths are one of our smaller and more affordable options, we take pride in delivering a quality booth design to every customer. Check out some of our creative and effective inline booth designs:


The Alga Technologies booth needed to have a place to meet with customers. We created a streamlined space that had a reception counter and then a smaller table to meet and discuss contracts. The sleek design was minimalist and allowed the sales staff to do the selling.


The Alga Technologies corner booth used a unique corner design. We mounted a TV on the wall to show promotional materials, then added a counter at the corner. This open design maximized every inch of the space and allowed for greater traffic flow.


Barrington Nutritionals needed a larger space, so we made them a 10’x30’ design. It had several standing counters where team members could chat with visitors. It also had a small conference table. Because all of the counters were quite small, there was plenty of room for foot traffic to weave through the booth’s layout. Finally, we added a small closet where the team could quickly store their personal items for easy access.


The curving lines of the back wall make the Airfree booth look less like an inline booth and more like a more open style, but it still fits the profile. Attractive lighting helped make the products stand out, and a central television screen played promotional materials. We also added a table and chairs for sales conversations.

Start Planning Your Trade Show Booth Today

If you think an inline trade show booth is right for you, Exhibit Options is here to assist. Let our design team help you plan a booth that uses creative designs and effective layouts to draw people in. Reach out to Exhibit Options today to learn more about our trade show design services, and put our experience to work for you.