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Seeking trade show tips at an exhibit
Rena PattonFeb 19, 2020 9:00:00 AM2 min read

3 Trade Show Tips to Make a Lasting Impression Without Breaking the Bank

What do you remember about the people you’ve met? Is it their outfit or the way they style their hair? Maybe, if those things were memorable or eye-catching enough. But it’s more likely that you will remember the conversation you had, their firm handshake, or a valuable tip they offered. 

The same phenomenon applies at a trade show. Unless you’re rockin’ a high-dollar booth with ample cash to throw around, you may need to rely on other tactics to leave a memorable imprint on attendees.

Here are three trade show tips to leave an impression without blowing your budget:


1. Super Staff

To put your best foot forward, staff your booth with the best of the best. Consider your trade show goals as you determine the right people for the job. Here are some examples:

  • GOAL: Introduce a complicated new product
    STAFF: Choose your most knowledgeable staff to ensure all questions are answered with a thorough understanding

  • GOAL: Network and gather contact info
    STAFF: Send the dynamic, engaging personalities that everyone seems to love

  • GOAL: Meet with a few hot leads who are close to a sale
    STAFF: Make sure your top closer is present to seal the deal


2. Meaningful SWAG/Giveaways

Pens are cool, but there’s probably something more affordable and brand-aligned for people to use (and remember you by). Try to find a trade show giveaway that is relevant to your industry. Here are some trade show tips for useful, memorable giveaways:

  • Communications company: Phone chargers and accessories

  • Health-related company: Hand sanitizer or water bottles

  • Data company: USB storage

  • Travel company: Car clips for hands-free phone usage while driving

  • Sustainable company: Eco-friendly items like reusable straws

  • Outdoor company: Gloves or beanies

Be sure that everything you hand out has your business name on it, and choose brand-aligned colors when possible.


3. Post Show Follow up

Reaching out to contacts after the show has received a few positive reviews:

  • Reminds new leads of your business and your solutions.
  • Opens the door for more in-depth discussions and questions.
  • Demonstrates an ability to provide excellent customer service.
Gone are the days of paper forms on clipboards. To provide efficient and effective follow-up, you’ll need to use lead management software. 

Lead management software allows booth staff to record contact info and important notes such as budget, key challenges, etc. and schedule appropriate action (such as an event follow-up email) for each lead. After the show, all information gathered can be transferred immediately to your sales team.

These trade show tips will help you make a splash without draining your resources. If you could use some additional insight on maximizing your trade show budget or information on trade show services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the gurus at Exhibit Options. Good luck!!