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Rena PattonNov 15, 2022 7:00:00 AM3 min read

The Importance of Due Dates in the Booth Design Process

Nothing will derail your plans for a winning trade show experience more than not having your booth ready. You pay a large exhibitor's fee for the privilege of showing at a trade show, and you want to know that the fee is going to be worthwhile. That requires the right trade show booth, which means the design and booth must be finished on time.

Your design team is an integral part of that. When you’re designing a new trade show booth, you need a team that will help you meet deadlines effectively, so you can be confident that your booth will be ready to go before the event date rolls around.

In trade show booth design, there are two main due dates: the design due date and the show’s opening date. At Exhibit Options, we work hard to meet both of these. If you have an upcoming trade show, reach out to us to learn more about our dedicated team, our design process, and how we can help you meet that deadline with your booth design.


What Is the Design Due Date?

You have your own timeline as to when you need to have your trade show booth ready to go. You need to have the design ready in time to get the entire booth created and ready for your event. Your design timeline is going to be unique to your business and our project, but you will need to communicate your deadlines with your design team.

With Exhibit Options, we typically have designs ready to view within just a few business days. However, you may have a specific timeline that needs to be kept. Make sure you communicate that timeline with your team to ensure we can reach it.


What Is the Show’s Opening Date?

Your due date needs to consider the show’s opening date. In fact, this date is what your exhibit house will use to figure out your exhibit building and design deadlines.

The date your show opens is going to impact many factors of the booth design process, so communicate this from the outset. For instance, you may have a limited number of materials available if you are opening in three weeks versus three months, especially if some suppliers have materials that are on backorder. You’ll also want to have the entire design completed early enough that you can do a trial run of your setup. This will ensure you know exactly what you have and where it is going to go when the show rolls around.


Why Is It Important to Partner with an Experienced Exhibit House?

Due dates can be tricky. You’ll have a design due date, and you’ll also have a due date for the final project. All of these must be considered if you will have your exhibit completed on time. When you choose an experienced exhibit house, you not only get professional help with the design of your exhibit, but you also get professionals who understand the various due dates that go into creating a winning design.

You’ll get expert design advice and work with a team that knows how to stay on track for the on-time delivery of your finished trade show booth. Exhibit Options is no stranger to the trade show design world. We have the knowledge and expertise to design a beautiful trade show booth, and we also have the experience that means we can keep up with tight deadlines.

You need your trade show booth to be ready on time. That requires a trade show booth design team that can meet tight deadlines. You will find that team with Exhibit Options. Reach out to our design team today to learn more about our trade show booth design services, or let us know your goals for your booth so we can start creating a winning design.