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      By Rena Patton September 16, 2020

      Trade Show Safety Checklist: How to Keep Attendees and Staff Safe

      Getting back out on the trade show floor feels like a dream come true after months of postponed events. However, like...

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      By Rena Patton August 19, 2020

      Meeting Room Design in a Post-Pandemic World: Solutions for In-Person Events and Conferences

      As the world shifts to a new “normal” after COVID-19, so do in-person events. Bringing people back together for trade shows...

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      By Rena Patton August 12, 2020

      Trade Show Planning After COVID-19: Safe Activities for In-Person Events

      In-person trade show events are beginning to resume around the world. As they do, marketers are finding new ways to attract...

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      By Rena Patton August 5, 2020

      Trade Show Giveaways Go Digital: Giving Away “Swag” in a Post COVID-19 World

      There’s a lot we miss about traditional trade shows, but collecting awesome giveaways and perusing endless samples is at the...

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      By Rena Patton July 29, 2020

      Think Outside the Box: 4 Ways Outside Signage Stands Can Boost Your Business

      Though the pandemic has placed great importance on digital presence for businesses, it has also caused us to take a look at...

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      By Rena Patton July 22, 2020

      Outdoor Shade Structures and Other Solutions for Open-Air Events

      Who would have ever thought that outdoor space would become an invaluable business asset? Moving operations and events outside...

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