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      By Rena Patton December 13, 2022

      Make Sure Your Booth Gets Home Safely (and Ready for Your Next Show)

      When you have invested a significant amount of money into a trade show booth design, you want to be sure that it comes back to...

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      Tags: Post-Show, Booth Design, Trade Shows

      By Rena Patton November 24, 2021

      5 Ways to Optimize Your Follow-up Process With Trade Show Leads

      From booth design and setup to long days on the exhibit hall floor, participating in a trade show is a significant effort....

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      Tags: Resources, Post-Show, Trade Shows

      By Rena Patton June 23, 2021

      7 Strategies for Nurturing Your Trade Show Leads to Grow Partnerships

      You have your exhibit. You have your booth staff. You have a plan to bring in new leads at your next event. But do you have a...

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      Tags: Post-Show, Trade Shows

      By Rena Patton July 30, 2019

      Measuring Trade Show Success: Questions for Your Retrospective

      Your trade show work isn't over when the expo doors have closed. A team retrospective will ensure you get the most out of your...

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