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      By Rena Patton October 20, 2021

      Exhibit Execution: Maximizing Your Exhibit Space During Your Trade Show

      How do you fit your big trade show goals into just a few square feet of space? One of the biggest challenges of planning your...

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      By Rena Patton February 27, 2020

      The Exhibit Fabrication and Manufacturing Process: An Inside Look

      The actual process of building your trade show booth can be hard for clients to visualize. So much goes into each custom booth!...

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      By Rena Patton January 15, 2020

      Trade Show Booth Lighting: Everything You Need to Know

      Want to outshine the trade show competition? Let there be light! Not only is trade show display lighting important for...

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      By Rena Patton January 8, 2020

      Split Island Booth - Trade Show Booth Design Best Practices


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      By Rena Patton January 1, 2020

      Top Trade Show Exhibitor Trends for 2020

      As 2019 winds to a close, it's important to reflect on the biggest trends in the trade show industry, so that you can have...

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      By Rena Patton December 25, 2019

      5 Steps to Tell a Story With Your Booth Design

      Storytelling is ingrained in the history of humankind. For centuries we have used stories to record history, teach lessons,...

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