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      By Rena Patton September 16, 2020

      Trade Show Safety Checklist: How to Keep Attendees and Staff Safe

      Getting back out on the trade show floor feels like a dream come true after months of postponed events. However, like...

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      By Rena Patton August 26, 2020

      Networking Tips for Trade Show Events While Social Distancing

      Networking is the magical ingredient in every trade show event. The opportunity to connect with suppliers, buyers, and...

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      By Rena Patton August 19, 2020

      Meeting Room Design in a Post-Pandemic World: Solutions for In-Person Events and Conferences

      As the world shifts to a new “normal” after COVID-19, so do in-person events. Bringing people back together for trade shows...

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      By Rena Patton August 12, 2020

      Trade Show Planning After COVID-19: Safe Activities for In-Person Events

      In-person trade show events are beginning to resume around the world. As they do, marketers are finding new ways to attract...

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      By Rena Patton August 5, 2020

      Trade Show Giveaways Go Digital: Giving Away “Swag” in a Post COVID-19 World

      There’s a lot we miss about traditional trade shows, but collecting awesome giveaways and perusing endless samples is at the...

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      By Rena Patton July 29, 2020

      Think Outside the Box: 4 Ways Outside Signage Stands Can Boost Your Business

      Though the pandemic has placed great importance on digital presence for businesses, it has also caused us to take a look at...

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