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Rena PattonFeb 15, 2022 7:00:00 AM2 min read

How to Create the Perfectly Branded Booth

Imagine going to a trade show where none of the exhibits are branded. No logos, no helpful graphics or mood-setting color schemes, not even a consistent font to help you understand the businesses behind the booths. 

The experience would be confusing…and pretty pointless. Branding is what makes your booth YOURS. It tells showgoers what kind of products and services might be provided by your business, and even who your target audience is. 

During the booth creation process, branding is at the forefront. No matter how creative your design team is, they can’t brand your booth by themselves. 

Here’s what to provide in order to help your design team deliver a booth that you'll love, and that brings in valuable leads at your next trade show:



Your logo is the face of your business, especially when it comes to busy trade room floors. Providing your design team with high-quality logo files will allow them to develop signage, images, and other design features that highlight your logo, and help leave a memorable impression on trade show attendees.



Along with logo files, your design team will benefit from high-resolution image files that can be used throughout your exhibit. Higher resolution images can help prevent your images from being blurry when enlarged. Be sure to include images of your products, your service interfaces, your locations, or any other visuals that might help your trade show attendees understand who you are and what you have to offer.


Style Specs

When it comes to branding, sometimes the power is in the small details. Provide thorough information about your brand colors (color codes are always helpful), including images of any content or physical property that demonstrates these colors effectively.

Additionally, let your design team know what your preferred fonts are. If you don’t have a specific style of font, ask the designers to help you choose one that best represents your brand.


Buyer personas

Along with specifications and graphics, your design team will need to understand who the booth is for. What kinds of leads are you hoping to attract at your upcoming event? Provide as much information about your target audience as possible, from basic demographics to details about what pain points you solve for your buyers. Providing this information can help your design team make recommendations based on your audience's needs.


Brand personality

Last but not least, your brand is more than a collection of colors and images. Your brand has a personality, too. How would you describe your brand’s personality? Quirky, or serious? Bold, or subtle? Edgy, or traditional? Your brand’s personality is what will give your exhibit it’s “voice,” and help you send the perfect message to your audience.


Ready to get started?

The experts at Exhibit Options have everything you need to create a booth that stands out, attracts leads, and grows your business. Make sure you have the best team behind you for your next event. 

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