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Rena PattonJun 13, 2023 7:30:00 AM4 min read

Essential Post-Trade Show Booth Care: Avoid Damage and Unnecessary Expenses

At the end of a trade show, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not carefully taking care of your booth as you put it away. While this is a time when post-trade show booth care is the last thing on your mind due to the exhaustion from the event, it’s essential that you focus on some wrap-up tasks during this time. 

If you don’t take care of your booth materials post-trade show, you can suffer costly damage that can lead to expensive repair and replacement before your next event. 

A few steps now, even when you’re exhausted and ready to go home, will save you a lot of stress and expense later. Here are some tips that will help you ensure these tasks don’t go undone.

1. Prepare Before the Show

Make it easy for your team to take care of the post-trade show booth care by doing some prep work before you leave. First, create a checklist of the important tasks that you need your team to tackle before they leave. Make sure it is placed somewhere that all staff members can access.

Next, label all components of your booth, and make sure they’re packed properly before you leave. Containers need proper labels to return items to the correct location after the booth. Store your materials safely before you go to the show so they arrive damage-free. 

Instruct your team to look at how components are packaged before they are set up so they have a reference for how to package them when they tear down.

2. Clean and Maintain Materials

Before packing after a show, make sure all booth components get a thorough cleaning. Removing grit, grime, and oil from displays, graphics, and furniture will prevent damage while they are in storage. 

While cleaning, look for any signs of wear and tear. 

If the problems are simple, like a light bulb that’s burnt out, take care of it right away. If they’re more complex, note what needs to be repaired so you can address the problem when you get back. Perform any maintenance tasks you find before you pack up your displays.


3. Proper Storage

As you pack up, avoid the temptation to just toss your items into any container so you can get on the road quickly. Choose the right storage location for every material in your trade show booth. Make sure the components are protected from moisture, dust, and any other hazards they are at risk for as you travel.

You have several tools at your disposal to store your items. Protective covers and cases can guard against dust and moisture. Padding can protect delicate items from getting scratched or broken when they’re jostled along the road. Work with your exhibit house to choose the right storage elements for your booth.


4. Inspection and Repair

While your booth materials are in storage, have an inspection schedule. If you notice any signs of problems, address them right away. You may need to repair and replace components throughout the year, but keeping to this schedule will protect you from unwanted surprises when you get to your next trade show.


5. Budgeting for Booth Care

Booth care does cost money, but it’s money worth spending. If you don’t take care of your booth, you might have costly problems later. However, you need to know the cost of care to budget for it.

One option is to incorporate the costs of booth care into your overall trade show budget. Again, this is where your exhibit house can help you estimate the costs and the items you’ll need to spend money on. Then, add some wiggle room to the budget for unexpected repairs or replacements. If your banner tears, for example, you’ll have to replace it, and that will cost more than buying cleaning supplies to keep your furniture stain-free.


6. Staff Education and Training

Finally, train your staff about proper booth care. You must teach them how to handle your trade show booth components safely, what cleaning materials are safe to use, and how to properly store them for transit. 

In your training, make sure you make your expectations and the responsibilities for the booth clear and set guidelines for what you expect from each team member before they leave the trade show.


Get Professional Help to Keep Your Booth Looking Great

Post-trade show booth care and maintenance help protect you from damage, which creates unnecessary expenses. It is also a proactive way to ensure your booth gives you long-term use. 

If you have questions about how to do this properly, an experienced exhibit house will be your best resource. Exhibit Options has the best interests of your build and your budget in mind, so we are happy to walk you through post-trade show care steps to take.

Reach out to our team today to start building your booth and learn how to keep it in good repair.