Like most businesses, we’ve had to get creative in the last few months as COVID-19 reshapes the business landscape. Fortunately, we’re a team that enjoys thinking outside the box (and even outside the booth). Here’s what we’re up to this month.


With in-person events on hold, our designers were eager to find somewhere else to channel their artistic energy. Plus, we have a shop full of cutting-edge manufacturing and fabrication equipment ready to roll. 

Surely we could find a way to get busy while also working to reenergize the local economy?



We partnered with a local urban wood recycling program, Street Tree Revival, to create one-of-a-kind pieces for homes, offices, and businesses.

The lumber comes from city trees that have been removed. Street Tree Revival prevents the wood from ending up in landfills, and preserves the lumber’s natural beauty for use in furniture, sculptures, and more.

We fell in love with Street Tree Revival’s gorgeous, sustainably sourced materials. Our design team got to work finding ways to bring nature-inspired pieces and installations to your house or office, and our manufacturing team ensured high-quality, long-lasting builds. 



Together, we are creating high-end, live-edge furniture to be sold to retail consumers, as well as furniture manufacturers and wholesalers. Our workspaces are flourishing with activity, and we are creating supply chains that benefit our local economy. 

And of course, we’re crafting functional works of art that make the world a more beautiful place. Here are some of the things we're working on.

Cookie coffee and end tables

Cookie Coffee and end table rendeirng


Cookie End Table  2

Custom chandeliers

Chandelier Rendering

Chandelier up close

Conference Tables



Dining Tables

Dining Room Table


Wine Racks

Wine Rack Rendering

Wine rack indivudal

Interested in a live-edge creation for your home or office? Give us a call: 866.780.1555 or contact us online.

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