Marvell Technology, Inc. operates within the semiconductor and related technologies space. Before partnering with Exhibit Options on this build, they informed us they were going to be attending the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Expo and wanted an upgraded booth design to help attract showgoers.



With this booth upgrade, Marvell wanted to go big. They requested four private meeting rooms, one private demo room, two podiums with acrylic hoods, a corner L-shaped reception counter with backlit logos, 3D halo-lighted logos, and SEG wall graphics.

Needless to say, our design team had its hands full! So how did we incorporate all these different features into one, limited booth space?


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We went upward!

Our design team built a two-story booth to accommodate the four private meeting rooms, with two upstairs and two downstairs. The large demo room was also on the ground floor. The front of the booth showcased a massive, vertical SEG wall graphic of Marvell’s slogan laid on top of a bright, blue sky. The L-shaped reception counter sat across the demo room with white, backlit logos on both sides.

Then, we added televisions, conference tables, chairs, and air conditioners to the private rooms, and three televisions on the outer walls of the booth. For maximum attention-grabbing effect, we wrapped the booth with SEG wall graphics of a blue and green fluid pattern overlaying a cool, gray tone.

The final product was nothing short of spectacular. Check out the photos below!








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