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Rena PattonFeb 16, 2024 7:50:07 AM3 min read

Mobileye - CES 2024

Mobileye, an industry leader in the development of vision technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, is on a mission to make roads safer by reducing vehicle collisions. With a focus on innovation and the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology, Mobileye aims to transform the automotive industry.

Their presence at CES 2024 was a bold statement of this ambition, featuring an expansive 70x100 square foot custom-built double-deck island booth that served as a testament to their technological prowess and visionary outlook.


Crafting an exhibit for Mobileye at CES, the world's premier technology stage, presented numerous challenges. The design needed to not only capture the essence of Mobileye’s advanced technology but also provide a hands-on, immersive experience.

It had to be structurally sound to support massive displays and intricate design elements, all while facilitating a high volume of attendee traffic. The dual-level design had to seamlessly integrate public engagement areas on the ground with exclusive VIP spaces above.

Showcasing actual vehicles within the booth added another layer of complexity, requiring a balance between the spectacle and the accessible, informative aspects of the exhibit.

Here's how we pulled off the build!

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Exhibit Options, in collaboration with the lead agency Ruckus and AV supplier Gorilla Production, developed an innovative solution that met all the intricate requirements of Mobileye's CES showcase.

The booth's centerpiece was a staggering 52-foot-long by 20-foot-high angled LED video wall, which provided an awe-inspiring visual narrative of Mobileye’s technology in action. A structural "ribbon," illuminated by 22 projectors, served as the booth's thematic backbone, giving visitors the illusion of being inside an autonomous vehicle. This ribbon was a tension fabric structure stretching 70 feet across the front of the booth, with two 85-foot-long sides, creating an 8-inch-thick awe-inspiring display crowned with a 3D channel lighted logo.

The exhibit's ground floor featured two brand-new vehicles from VW and Polestar, allowing attendees to experience the tangible results of Mobileye's technology.

The stage, with its embedded white LED lighting and mirrored laminate accents provided an elegant platform for presentations.  The design also incorporated a Baltic birch accent wall with a 3D channel letter logo, four benches with wood grain tops and mirror laminate bases, printed 70x100 vinyl flooring, and a reception counter with a pierce cut logo, all of which underscored the sophistication of the Mobileye brand.

To accommodate business interactions, the double-deck structure included four private meeting rooms downstairs and two VIP areas upstairs, alongside an employee lounge for staff respite.

Interactivity was a key feature, with three angled 55” touchscreen displays with pierce cut logos, custom angled iPad stands, a double-sided 85” TV display with a mirror finish, and a flat 55” touchscreen display with a pierce cut logo through the mirror. A unique "jewelry box" with double-sided 43” touchscreen displays and protruding plexy covers, along with an X-Ray clear glass LED screen, demonstrated Mobileye's equipment as cars passed by, providing an educational yet engaging element.

The global reach of Mobileye’s technology was symbolized by a globe pedestal featuring a spherical LED tile display.

This impressive booth was featured in BizBash, a testament to the innovative design and execution by Exhibit Options and their partners, highlighting the collaborative effort that brought Mobileye's technological vision to life for CES 2024 attendees.

The final product turned out great! Check out the photos below: