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Rena PattonJan 30, 2024 7:00:00 AM3 min read

Passive Logic - AHR Expo

Passive Logic has revolutionized the realm of building automation with its pioneering platform. Their mission is to make buildings smart and autonomous through their groundbreaking physics-based AI platform, enabling a new era of building intelligence. At the heart of Passive Logic’s innovative drive is the commitment to create intuitive, scalable, and efficient control systems that redefine how we interact with our built environments.

The AHR Expo presented the perfect opportunity for Passive Logic to showcase their cutting-edge technology and unique approach to intelligent building systems.


The primary challenge for Exhibit Options was to design two separate but conceptually unified booths that would effectively represent Passive Logic’s technology.

The booths needed to accommodate high-tech demonstrations and facilitate engaging interactions with the technology. Moreover, Passive Logic’s expansion in booth size, acquiring the space across the aisle, required a seamless integration of both booths to create a cohesive brand experience.

The design had to encapsulate the complex nature of Passive Logic’s offerings, drawing in a diverse audience and enabling them to witness the capabilities of the platform firsthand.

Here's how we pulled off the build!

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Embracing Passive Logic’s innovative spirit, Exhibit Options designed two island booths that complemented one another in design and function. The Blue Booth, sized at 20x25, and the Yellow Booth, at 20x40, were strategically positioned across the aisle from each other to create a singular brand zone.

Both booths boasted an architectural spectacle — complex faux buildings that were meticulously crafted to illustrate the kind of structures Passive Logic’s software could bring to life. These buildings were not just for show; they served as a real-time, three-dimensional canvas demonstrating Passive Logic’s software prowess in mapping out curves and angles within architectural designs.

Above, 3 custom-shaped hanging signs with double-sided printing announced the Passive Logic presence, visible from across the show floor. Below, custom hexagon counters with locking doors were installed, reflecting Passive Logic’s theme of intricate geometry. These counters housed inset “window” hexagons for product displays, marrying form and function.

To captivate attendees with dynamic content, four LED video wall Hexagon displays broadcasted AV presentations, visually communicating the capabilities of Passive Logic’s platform. The centerpiece was a large hexagon product demo area, effectively a product map, enabling visitors to engage with the software in an interactive environment.

The booths were designed with transparency in mind, featuring hexagon and rectangle windows filled with clear plex, allowing visibility throughout the exhibit. A sliding door and an open passthrough to the back side of the booth ensured easy accessibility and flow of traffic.

In keeping with the theme of architectural elegance, SEG fabric graphics added a refined touch to the space, complemented by a faux building topper that tied the booth design back to the core of Passive Logic’s business — intelligent buildings.

The exhibit’s wood grain vinyl flooring gave the space a warm, organic feel, while a private meeting room provided a space for in-depth discussions and negotiations.

By creating a cohesive and sophisticated exhibit space, Exhibit Options showcased Passive Logic’s innovative solutions in a way that was both visually striking and demonstrative of the software’s capabilities. The dual-booth design at the AHR Expo not only met the challenge but also left an indelible mark on attendees, effectively demonstrating the transformative potential of Passive Logic’s technology in the world of building automation.

The final product turned out great! Check out the photos below:




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