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farmina, WVC, Las vegas
Rena PattonMar 26, 2024 8:35:00 AM2 min read

Farmina - WVC

Farmina is a company passionately dedicated to the development of high-quality pet foods. Their mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated food that both cats and dogs will love.

At the WVC, one of the largest veterinary conferences in the world, Farmina sought to reflect its commitment to pets' well-being with a booth that embodied natural elements and warmth. Unlike temporary solutions, Farmina opted for a purchased custom wood construction exhibit, a testament to their dedication and a reflection of their commitment to sustainability and quality.


Creating a 20x20 island exhibit that stands out at a bustling veterinary conference requires meticulous planning and a keen understanding of brand representation. The challenge was to design a space that was not only welcoming and informative but also mirrored Farmina’s essence — natural, warm, and dedicated to the health of pets. Moreover, the structure had to facilitate private business discussions, public engagement, and product display, all within a compact yet open environment.

Here's how we pulled off the build!

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Exhibit Options, recognizing Farmina’s needs, crafted a 10-foot-tall wood structure that exuded natural warmth and sophistication. The exhibit was a purchased construction, offering Farmina a lasting asset for future shows, aligning with the trend of sustainable practices in the exhibition industry.

The booth featured a private meeting room within the wooden structure, providing a secluded space for intimate discussions, a crucial component for fostering business relationships at conferences.

Illumination was a key element of the design, with five lightboxes that showcased seamless SEG backlit graphics, creating a radiant and inviting ambiance. These lightboxes were tailored with PMS matching laminate to ensure brand consistency across all visual elements.

To cement brand presence, three 3D logos were strategically placed throughout the booth, complemented by a hanging sign that provided visibility from afar, ensuring Farmina's brand was noticed from any vantage point in the conference hall.

The flooring choice was wood grain vinyl, reinforcing the natural aesthetic and complementing the overall wooden construction. This choice reinforced the organic and high-quality feel of Farmina’s products.

Functionality melded with design in the form of an L-shaped serving counter, complete with SEG fabric graphics. This not only served as a point for product display and guest interaction but also seamlessly integrated with the exhibit’s design theme.

A custom lattice ceiling contributed an element of sophisticated design, offering both aesthetic appeal and a distinct, homely feel to the booth’s atmosphere. The front support legs, wrapped in SEG fabric graphics, provided an additional visual touch while also integrating structural elements into the overall design narrative.

A 65” monitor was included for digital displays, ensuring that Farmina could engage attendees with interactive content and vivid presentations of their product lines.

Exhibit Options’ ability to offer both rentals and custom purchases provided Farmina with a tailored solution that suited their long-term exhibition strategy. The custom wood construction exhibit for Farmina at the WVC was not just a showcase space but a reflection of their commitment to quality and natural care, offering a lasting, memorable brand experience for every attendee.

The final product turned out great! Check out the photos below: