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marvell exhibit booth at OFC
Rena PattonJun 15, 2023 7:59:00 AM2 min read

Marvell Technology - Optical Fiber Conference (OFC)

Marvel Technology operates within the semiconductor and related technologies space transforming tomorrow's enterprise, cloud, automotive and carrier architectures for the better. For Optical Fiber Conference (OFC), the premier global event for optical communications and networking, they contacted Exhibit Options to create an inviting and immersive environment for attendees, featuring private rooms, numerous monitors, and captivating lighting elements.



Marvel Technology faced several challenges when conceptualizing their booth for OFC. One of the primary challenges was to create private meeting rooms within the limited space of a 40x40 booth. The company desired five private rooms, each accommodating different group sizes, to facilitate productive discussions with clients and partners.

Here's how we pulled off the build!

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The Exhibit Options's team overcame the challenges of limited space and approached the build with innovation and efficiency. We designed five private rooms within the booth, ensuring privacy and comfort for their guests. The booth included a large meeting room that could comfortably seat ten people, two medium meeting rooms for eight people each, a smaller meeting room for six people, and another private demo room.

We were even able to fit two interactive front pillar demo areas with monitor and camera mounting in the booth. This arrangement provided flexibility and catered to various group sizes and needs, enabling Marvel Technology to engage in fruitful conversations with attendees. 

In addition to the private rooms, Exhibit Options addressed another critical aspect of Marvell Technology's booth design—monitors. Understanding the significance of visual displays in showcasing the products, Exhibit Options strategically placed fourteen monitors throughout the booth.

These monitors served multiple purposes, ranging from product demonstrations to conveying important information. Attendees could easily interact with the cutting-edge technology and experience firsthand the innovations offered by Marvel Technology.

Marvel Technology recognized the importance of creating an inviting ambiance to draw attendees into their booth space. We added double-side printed hanging signs and employed ample lighting techniques to illuminate the entire area and capture visitors' attention. The booth featured custom soffits with LED inset lighting, casting a warm and vibrant glow.

Additionally, recessed display cases with internal lighting and acrylic shelves showcased Marvel Technology's products in an enticing manner. By cleverly utilizing light, Marvel Technology ensured that their booth stood out amidst the bustling trade show environment.

The final product turned out great! Check out the photos below: