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Rena PattonOct 24, 2023 8:37:00 AM2 min read

Marvell - Flash Memory Summit

Marvell, an esteemed global leader in semiconductor solutions, has continually redefined how data is stored, moved, and processed. Their vision of delivering technology that transforms the global data economy is consistently mirrored in their vibrant and innovative exhibition displays.

At the Flash Memory Summit 2023, Marvell showcased a distinctive 22x20 sq/ft island booth, strikingly different from their presentation at the OFC event detailed here. While both booths radiated Marvell’s commitment to innovation, the Flash Memory Summit booth emphasized a luminescent design strategy – it was all about the lighting!



Creating an exhibition booth for a tech giant like Marvell at a summit dedicated to flash memory necessitated a design that was both visually captivating and aptly represented the company's cutting-edge solutions.

With a 22x20 island space, the challenge was twofold: to effectively utilize the space for demo stations, meeting areas, and display screens while ensuring that the booth's lighting features stood out, embodying the essence of Marvell’s bright technological advancements.

Here's how we pulled off the build!

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Exhibit Options, with their renowned expertise, curated a masterful design for Marvell. Central to the booth’s design was the play of lights, which was ingeniously used to highlight the brand and its products.

At the heart of the booth were five individual demo stations, each bathed in the glow of meticulously placed flood lights from above. Arm lights were added on the large tower structure in the center of booth. This not only illuminated the products but also created an inviting ambiance for attendees.

For in-depth discussions, two bar table meeting areas were strategically placed, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

The booth floor was a testament to modern design with concrete vinyl, reflecting the contemporary nature of Marvell’s products.

A massive 75” TV dominated the space, accompanied by an array of 10 smaller 24” TVs, ensuring that Marvell’s technological prowess was displayed vividly from every angle.

However, the true visual spectacle was the intricate lighting design. Blue LED edge lighting adorned the upright frames and ceiling edges, with a complementing blue LED glow radiating from the counter toe kicks. Additionally, white LED puck lights embedded in the ceiling illuminated the space from above, casting a pristine glow throughout.

Accentuating Marvell’s branding, SEG fabric graphics were employed, creating a sleek and modern backdrop. A 15-foot hanging sign, with a double-sided print, ensured that Marvell's presence was visible from afar. The finishing touch was the white 3D logos on two sides of the tower, standing proud and illuminated, a symbol of Marvell’s indomitable spirit in the tech world.

In essence, Exhibit Options created more than just a booth; they crafted an illuminating experience that perfectly encapsulated Marvell’s vision and prowess for attendees at the Flash Memory Summit 2023.

The final product turned out great! Check out the photos below: