One of the benefits of partnering with an exhibit house, is that they might know a couple of unique benefits for your booth type. Take INEOS' 10x40 Inline booth at MD&M for example. INEOS took advantage of the fact that most of the time, perimeter inline booths allow for more height than a typical inline booth.

Check out what other details went into building their trade show booth!



Showcasing a product... that's hard to showcase

INEOS is a chemical manufacturing company that wanted to show attendees their unique plastic pellets, that can be melted and used for different products and industries. How do you catch the attention of show goers, showcase a small product, AND leave a meaningful impact on them?



draw them in

If you're showcasing a product that's smaller in size, it's important to use other elements to draw the show attendees in. To do that, we created 3 perimeter light boxes with blue acrylic and white LED lighting to pop in contrast to the white laminate and wood grain flooring. This also helped us stay within brand design guidelines. 

Next, we added a 4-foot-tall, 1/2" thick acrylic logo to the top of the center light box, and added ample lighting to this as well. 

We tied that all together with their showcase product. We placed their plastic pellets into 4 acrylic hoods over the brand podiums. And to draw attendees in, we placed lights in the acrylic hoods, and placed the podiums on the exterior perimeter.

And voila! 

Quick note: Because we used clear acrylic to showcase their product, we used the same material on most of the design elements to create a cohesive look throughout the booth. 

Keep them engaged

Once we attracted the show goers into the booth, we wanted to them to stay and engage with us. To do so, we added another sensory element to showcase the products – touch.

The attendees were able to touch and feel the pellets through the locking doors on top of the acrylic hoods, all without making a mess.

The magic of in-person shows is that you can really leverage your displays to create a lasting impression and make it a fun experience. That includes the set up of multiple tables, and a lounge area, for the attendees to connect with the INEOS team. 



10x40 inline booth - with ineos logo and product displays

ineos plastice pellet display in acrylic box

10x40 inline booth - with ineos logo and product displays and lounge space

ineos 10x40 inline booth - lounge space

10x40 inline booth - with ineos logo and product displays and high tables and chairs


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