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Rena PattonMar 16, 2020 4:26:02 PM1 min read


Showcasing intangible products or services at a trade show can be tricky – how can you provide each and every one of your booth visitors with a unique, personalized experience, while also thoroughly showcasing your product in an elegant and attractive way?

Read on to find out more about how we helped Autosoft maximize their 25x20 booth space, and helped them look good while doing it!



There were a handful of things Autosoft wanted to do with their exhibit...

  • Promote a new platform

  • Drive booth traffic to generate leads 

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Use NADA as a forum to gain market attention and interest

  • Maximize conversations with on-floor demonstrations

  • Re-establish relationships with our current customer base



Knowing that trade show attendees can come by themselves or in a group, we created an area for 1-on-1 demonstrations, along with presentation areas with a little more privacy for smaller groups. 

In addition, Autosoft wanted to make sure that their booth was a "must-see" attracting attendees from all across the show floor. To accomplish that, we decked out the booth with eye-catching hanging signage, sculptures and lighting, as well as some beautiful design features, including:

  • Hanging 3D logo and and ring sculpture

  • "Get More Done" – White Channel Letters with up-lighted platform base and mirror back wall

  • Light Boxes 

  • Hanging signs with SEG fabrics

  • Multiple individual workstations for 1-2 attendees to demo the product

  • Multiple semi-private demo areas for groups of visitors

Check out all the photos below! 



Autosoft island booth

EX IG Autosoft (2)-2EX IG Autosoft (2)-1

EX IG Autosoft (3)-1

Autosoft Island booth