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Rena PattonJan 17, 2020 2:08:54 PM1 min read


CES is not an easy place to stand out. Being the biggest show for consumer electronics, all companies showcasing their products and services make sure to bring their A-game to this event in Las Vegas every year.  



So when the likes of Samsung, Sony, and Google are there showcasing their salad making chef bot, or even a robot that will bring you a roll of toilet paper, how do you: 

  1. Stand out from the competition
  2. Create a display that will stand out in a sea of screens
  3. Build multiple meeting rooms for all your aspects of business 



We went big. Literally.

Using MobilEye's 60x80 floor space, we created a massive (60 feet to be exact) curved LED screen that you could not miss, no matter where you were on the floor. 

MobilEye is the leader in autonomous driving technology, and envisioned autonomous taxis taking over the roads moving forward. And to visualize such an ambitious idea, we created a UV lighted car, on a rotating floor, to represent the technology and forward thinking that MobileEye was doing. 

Finally, we created a double deck structure, that housed multiple meetings rooms, with many different styles, so conversations could be had in a more private and less distracting area.

Check out the pictures below if you weren't at CES 2020, and see why U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao had to stop by for a private demonstration. 



  • Booth Size: 60x80
  • Type of Exhibit:  Custom Inline Booth
  • Show: CES 2020

mobileye showcases autonomous LED vehicle at CES 2020

Back of the curved display screen showing mobileye's ces 2020 trade show booth

white chairs and white tables in a high tech conference room at mobileye's trade show booth

luxurious meeting room with white sofas at mobileyes trade show booth ces 2020

two story meeting space with multiple private rooms at ces floor

white sitting area with blue cushions to match blue floor at ces 2020 mobileye