Accurate Background need an open, 20x20 Island exhibit to highlight their new brand and logo at HR Technology Expo with the following specifications: 

  1. The booth must have a large presentation area
  2. Equip four workstations

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We incorporated Accurate Background's new brand colors to support their rebranding efforts. To achieve the clean and natural look the client wanted, we filled the tower walls and counter sides with wood-grain laminated infill, and brought it to life by placing matching wood-grain vinyl flooring and wrapping faux ivy around the top of the tower.

Accurate's logo was built with a curved, double-sided SEG fabric header over a white background. The header was designed to hang down from the ceiling that connected two L-shaped hanging signs with center curve.

By placing one L-shaped sign lower than the other, we were able to create an illusion of a floating structure. To top it all off, we installed custom LED, curved accent lighting along the border for a modern, clean look.

Other features and materials used for this booth includes:

  • Aluminum fame back-wall with faux brick infill
  • SEG fabric graphics for the walls
  • Inset counters for workstations







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