Marvell wanted their 20x20 Island exhibit to be cohesive with their brand image; a black and white color scheme with a straightforward design. It was also important that: 

  1. The booth required enough space to showcase their products. 
  2. Use straightforward designs and colors to stand out at a computing event. 

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Instead of using a single color for the design, we decided to create as much contrast as possible. Using a wooden floor as a base, we strategically mixed the black, white, and red colors all throughout the booth. 

We also incorporated a large double-sided, curved logo header to draw attention to the booth, and paired it with an over-sized curved counter to not only catch people's eyes, but have the needed space to display their products. 

Having the over-sized counter allowed us to set up 4 workstations, for the one-on-one demos, and conversations that Marvell was wanting.






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