Javo Beverage needed a clean and functional 10x20 Inline exhibit for their show at NACS, with the following requisites:

  1. Stand out on the show floor
  2. Consist of a large, eye-catching serving counter to house and demo their new cold-brew machine
  3. Have ample space to incorporate and display 6 coffee and cold brew machines

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We placed a bright orange background on both sides of the gray hand-painted faux brick back-wall to help the booth stand out on the show floor; one had a 3D halo lite logo installed, and the other had printed graphics that was emphasized by spotlights. Visual contrast was enhanced by incorporating orange-red stools over the gray wood-grain vinyl flooring for a contemporary look.

To compliment the overall design, we attached a sleek, black custom counter to the gray back-wall that housed the 6 coffee and cold brew machines.

We installed a custom L-shaped serving counter, dedicated to showcase the brand new cold brew machine. This eye-catching counter had 3D logos on both forward facing sides, wood grain laminate, and finished with a chic marble top.

We implemented a barrage of textures throughout the exhibit to capture the attendees' attention on the trade show floor. At the same time, maintained an overall clean look without over complicating this 10x20 inline booth.

These unique textures include:

  • Gray hand painted faux brick back-wall
  • Light box
  • Wood Grain laminate
  • Marble counter top
  • Honeycomb CNC pattern cabinet doors
  • Matte and Gloss black laminates
  • 3D halo lite logo
  • Powder coated black metal structure and Banner pole


Javo Beverage


Jave Beverage

Javo Beverage


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