The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” can apply to many things in life, but it shouldn’t apply to your marketing strategy.

The fact is, potential leads are always hovering just outside your view. They’re the ones that gave your booth a good stare as they passed by, or the people who follow your social media pages but never engage. They might even be businesses who are aware of your brand and what you offer but don’t need it...yet.

By widening your lens, you can increase your chances of bringing in these “future leads” down the road.

Here’s how to do it.


At the trade show:

To turn passers-by into real leads, give them an easy way to get to know you without having to stop and chat.

The most important tool you have to make this happen is your trade show booth. Make sure that your signage and graphics help onlookers understand, at a glance, what challenges you might solve for them.

Next, provide simple opportunities to learn more about your brand online. For example, displaying easy-to-remember social media handles and web URLs increase the odds that the passing foot traffic will turn into valuable web traffic.


On social media:

Sharing your trade show experience on social media serves a few key purposes when it comes to scooping up future leads:

  • Sharing updates and recaps from the event enables audience members who did not attend the event to experience your pitch.

  • Photos and videos from the show can be used to market future events.

  • Broadcasting live from the event gives your audience a way to attend and engage from afar, which can help establish a relationship with those who are unable to attend trade shows.

In future marketing efforts:

Live events give you access to insights that would be much more difficult to gather in an online setting. The conversations, questions, and feedback you receive from your trade show visitors can be used to generate hyper-relevant, valuable content.

For example, if you received a lot of questions about an upcoming policy change in your industry during a live event, you could later create a high-value video webinar or ebook that explains the matter in detail for your online audience.

Most importantly, be willing to adapt your strategy so that you’re always providing potential leads with content that builds relationships by offering value. The more you bring to the table in the form of solutions and high-quality content offerings, the more likely you are to secure a new customer.

If you could use some assistance with designing, building, or refreshing your trade show booth, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Exhibit Options. We’re here to help!

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