In trade show design, there are many surprising elements you may not know can be built into your trade show booth. One of these is a private meeting room. If you need to close deals and want a quiet place to talk to potential clients, then this addition to your trade show booth may be an important element to add.

However, not all meeting rooms are located within the exhibits themselves. In convention halls, a trade show meeting room is a designated space that allows for private meetings between those attending the show and the staff who is ready to help them make a purchase decision.

With four walls and a ceiling surrounding the space, these areas help limit distractions so your trade show event staff and potential customers can effectively negotiate and, potentially, close a few deals.

Pros and Cons of ADDing a meeting Room to your trade show booth space

One of the biggest benefits of having a trade show meeting room is the ability to limit distractions for a limited audience. If you have big-ticket items for sale, having some privacy may make your sales pitch more effective.

A quiet, private space can help potential customers feel less pressured. They won’t see other trade show attendees surrounding them, making them feel like they need to move on so the next person can experience the booth.

For some businesses, having this quiet place to do business is what makes a trade show quite effective. Consider whether or not you want to sign contracts and close deals at your trade shows, then decide if a meeting room is right for you.

That said, there can be potential drawbacks to this design element. For instance, a private meeting room makes it a little harder for foot traffic passing by to see what you are demonstrating. Instead of simply walking by and seeing it, they will have to make a decision about whether or not to step inside. You won’t necessarily have the public presentations that often times cause people to stop and take a second look at your business. To mitigate this, be sure to have sales team members stationed throughout your trade show booth so that as many potential customers as possible can be accommodated.

Second, these meeting rooms take up a lot of space. If you are planning a small booth and have a limited budget, this drawback can be a big hurdle to overcome. Working with an exhibit house can help you determine whether or not it is a feasible option for your show parameters.

renting a meeting room space at your next trade show

Meeting rooms can be a creative element in your trade show booth strategy. Here are some past meeting rooms the Exhibit Options team helped design.


Our Lewitt Meeting Room was a big part of the 30' x 50' exhibit space we designed and put together for Lewitt. The meeting room had wall-to-wall images to help with the company’s branding. Staff had two counter-height tables with three chairs each, providing the opportunity to talk to two potential groups of clients at once.


The QSC Meeting Room was part of a large, 41' x 44' meeting room. It featured ample visitor seating and a movie-theater-style screen. It also had a podium for a presenter. This room provided a private, distraction-free place to take in a large group presentation. We also added attractive lighting to make it an appealing place to sit down and watch.


The Das Audio Meeting Room featured a similar presentation space as QSC, but this one measured in at 43' x 65'. It had cube-style seating for guests, and plenty of space to demonstrate the audio tech that the company was selling at the trade show. The quieter space provided guests the opportunity to better hear the quality of the speakers.

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