Getting back out on the trade show floor feels like a dream come true after months of postponed events. However, like everything else in this post-pandemic world, things will look a little different at your next event.

Making trade shows safe has required lots of research and ingenuity from both event organizers and exhibitors. Use this trade show safety checklist to make sure you’re prepared with everything you need to protect your visitors and your booth staff:


1. Arrive prepared.

  • Ensure that each team member knows their specific role in both marketing your brand AND keeping themselves and others safe.

  • Implement safe trade show exhibit features, such as social distancing markers, custom partitions, safety signage, and even hand sanitizing stations.

  • Equip everyone working in your exhibit space with proper PPE. Booth staff should have access to masks, gloves, and sanitizing materials. Bring plenty of extra supplies.

  • Ask for written confirmation from booth staff that they understand the risks associated with the event, and how they are expected to participate in the trade show strategy plan as it pertains to safety.


2. Understand measures already being taken by the trade show event host.

This can help you avoid duplicating efforts, OR to understand where additional precautions are needed.

  • Are they taking temperatures at the door?

  • Are they enforcing social distancing?

  • Are there hand sanitizer dispensers available throughout the trade show space?


3. Instill confidence in attendees so that they feel safe visiting your exhibit.

  • Use social media and email outreach to let your audience know you’ll be at the trade show, and what coronavirus safety measures you’ll be taking.

  • Enforce strict adherence to social distancing, mask-wearing, and cleaning protocols. Visitors will feel more comfortable interacting with staff when they observe that no one is cutting corners.

  • Use alternative meeting methods for longer conversations, such as using video chats or heading outdoors. Eliminating concerns about face-to-face time can help potential leads feel relaxed as you engage in business discussions.

Are you ready to put your best...and safest...foot forward? We’re here to help! Exhibit Options is on deck with custom exhibit safety upgrades, logistics solutions, and more. Reach out today!