Though the pandemic has placed great importance on digital presence for businesses, it has also caused us to take a look at our physical locations to make them safer and more efficient.

Signage is often taken for granted as a business tool. But the truth is, signs are invaluable tools for guiding customers into your business and through any parts of the buyer process that take place at your physical location.

Here are four ways that storefront signage, outdoor signage stands, indoor instructional signage, and more, can keep your operations running smoothly in a changing business environment:



Any business with a physical presence needs creative outdoor signage. Your location should stand out from neighboring businesses and be easy to identify.

Most businesses find that a combination of large-scale storefront signs plus street-level signs (like outdoor signage stands, curbside signage, etc.) makes their location easy to spot.

While large signs placed high on the building can bring in traffic from a distance, smaller signage near the entrance to the building and along sidewalks can show passersby what kind of challenges your business solves.

For example, restaurant outdoor signage usually involves a combination of street-facing signs to identify the building, and eye-level signs with greater detail (such as daily specials or cuisine features) to appeal directly to customers.



Customers have always depended on signage to direct them within business locations. From hotel front desk signs to grocery store aisle markers, signs help make everyone’s experience easier and more productive.

However, signage now has an even more important role than ever before. As your processes shift to follow social distancing guidelines, signs help your customers navigate in a way that keeps them and others safe.

Take the guesswork out of social distancing with custom wayfinding and directional signage, wall graphics, table displays, banner stands, social distancing flooring decals, and more.

Along with reducing frustrations and streamlining the flow of customers in your location, you’ll also build trust with anyone who enters your building by showing that you’re invested in their safety.



As more and more of the workforce returns to their respective desks, stations, and workspaces, keeping everyone compliant with COVID-19 precautions has posed a unique challenge. Training employees on best practices and monitoring activity consumes time and energy, and employee confusion slows operations and reduces morale.

Signage helps reduce the strain on staff at all levels by providing visual cues. For example, signs in communal spaces can provide guidance on maximum occupancy, cleanliness standards, and more. Signs in work areas remind employees of new workflows and distancing recommendations.

Once again, signage can strengthen trust by demonstrating your commitment to the health and security of your personnel.



The new emphasis on signage may take some elbow grease to implement, but it’s also a fantastic branding opportunity.

Use creative outdoor signage and unique indoor signage to align with your brand’s personality. Your signs should use colors, graphics, typography, and materials that are both attractive and on brand.

For example, lighthearted, quirky brands can find ways to use humor and cheerful messaging or images within their signage. Brands with a strong aesthetic (like high-end salons or themed restaurants) should ensure that signage becomes a gorgeous addition to their space rather than an eyesore.



There are many ways to ensure that your signage is a beneficial addition to your space. Unique materials and shapes, custom graphics, clever installations, and more, can help ease your transition into a new age of business operations.

Your friends at Exhibit Options are prepared to get creative, building custom signage pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Plus, everything is created in-house, so you can be part of the process, every step of the way.

Give us a call at 866.780.1555 or message us with your signage needs, or for business signage tips!

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