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Rena PattonNov 27, 2019 7:00:00 AM1 min read

NAB Show 2020: What to Know

Here’s the latest on NAB Show 2020, including schedule information and what’s new.

Are you headed to NAB Show 2020? You lucky duck! It’s one of our favorites every year. Digital media gear, techy entertainment toys, and game-changing content innovations collide at NAB Show Vegas—and the exhibits are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Here’s the down-low... 

Dates & Schedule

NAB 2020 will take place Saturday, April 18 through Wednesday, April 22, with exhibit hall hours beginning at noon on Sunday. If you’re a dedicated NAB-goer, you’ll notice that they’ve moved the opening day of the exhibit hall to Sunday and eliminated Thursday (a traditionally slower day for the show) altogether. 

Exhibit Hall Hours

  • Sunday, April 19: 12 - 6 p.m.
  • Monday, April 20: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 21: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, April 22: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


What’s New

If you think the crowd looks a little younger this year, it’s not just your imagination. NAB is launching a two-day conference called NSPIRE, geared toward the next generation of creative professionals. TV Technology writes: 

“NSPIRE is geared toward three groups of artists and storytellers: millennial and Gen X creatives and tech pros; content creators for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook; and traditional storytellers from motion picture studios, streaming platforms and other creative services”

You might want to brush up on your millenial slang, just in case. 


Exhibit Trends To Watch For

  • Immersive experiences:
    Exhibitors want you hands-on, using their technology as well as viewing the end-product. Be prepared to jump in and put your creativity to use.

  • Speakers and entertainers:
    The trend of using professionals to work the crowd continues to grow in expo industry, but you’ll especially notice the uptick at communications-related events like NAB
  • Cause marketing:
    From green solutions to inclusivity to the push for relaxed Next Gen TV regulations, you’ll see booths voicing their support for movements that matter. 


Exhibit Options @ NAB Show 2020

Check out some of our work on the NAB Show Vegas floor, including islands, split islands, and inlines.

Have questions about exhibiting in NAB Show Vegas or a related event? We’re happy to help!