How do you fit your big trade show goals into just a few square feet of space? One of the biggest challenges of planning your trade show booth is maximizing your space so you can properly reflect your brand, create an inviting space for prospects to explore, and show off your product or service in a unique way — without your booth feeling cluttered or disjointed.

Sounds like a big job, right?

Fortunately, with just a few creative shifts (and the right exhibition house), you can easily fit all of those key elements into your exhibit space without making any big compromises to your branding or customer experience.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of just a few square feet at your next trade show:

1. Use Your Wall Space

When you’re planning your booth, remember you can use everything from the floor up. That means when you’re deciding on factors like where product will be displayed, how to make space for digital screens, or even where to place your most important messaging, you can use your wall space to keep your table space clear for sign-up forms or interactive elements that need to be at arm’s length.

Besides keeping your tables clear for the necessities, using your walls to display your product or messaging is also a great way to turn heads. With the right lighting underneath or just above your product displays, elevating your product to eye level or slightly above can make your booth stand out and catch the attention of your perfect prospects.


2. Leverage Digital Devices

If you have a particularly small booth space, you may want the help of digital devices to keep piles of pamphlets or flyers off your table space.

For instance, a large digital screen can tell your brand story, show off your process, or display different product options to not only minimize the amount of paper and physical assets taking up your available space, but also to add a unique visual element to your booth to engage passersby.


3. Conceal Storage Areas

If you’re exhibiting for a few days at a time or you’re not sure how much product to bring with you, you might need to think about where you’ll store extra product at your booth.

To do this properly, you’ll want to think about “dual purpose” areas for storage, such as a display cube that props up signage or product, but has one open side that you could face in towards your booth and use to store product or other assets like a makeshift cabinet. You can also use the space below your tables if they’re covered by floor-length tablecloths.

Overall, you’ll want to make sure that anything you’re storing is concealed from anyone’s sight outside of your booth, but easy for you and your team members to access without having to disassemble any parts of your booth, or even leave the booth if you don’t have to.

Getting ready for an upcoming trade show?

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