An effective trade show booth starts with a great design and eye-catching graphics. While these design elements are essential, there are additional tricks you can implement to get people to notice your booth at your event and encourage them to spend time interacting with it. One of those tricks is creating the right atmosphere.

Here is a closer look at how you can leverage your booth's atmosphere to make your trade show booth stand out from your competition.

Two Ways to Create a Stand-Out Booth

As you prepare for your event, you may find yourself focusing heavily on the flashy design and graphics. While these are important, they aren’t the whole story. The atmosphere is also important. With the right atmosphere, you can get more people into your booth during your trade show and keep them there to engage with your products longer.

Another way to make your booth stand out is to go local. Take advantage of your location by finding giveaway options with a local flair. Is there a popular ice cream shop in town? Give away coupons for a free scoop. Is there a bakery nearby? Order several dozen muffins or donuts to have at your booth if food items are allowed.

Remember, there are far too many branded USB thumb drives and pens at most trade shows, but something that ties into the local community is a great way to make your booth memorable.

How to Get People in Your Booth

You need to create an inviting atmosphere to get people in your booth. These strategies should work well:

  1. Feed Your Guests

Find a way to add snacks or refreshments to your booth. If food consumption isn’t allowed on the floor, have pre-packaged snacks you can hand out. Tie in that local component if possible. People love free food, so this will draw people in and make them feel welcomed at our booth.

  1. Give Them a Place to Sit

Comfortable seating makes your booth feel more inviting. Trade shows are exhausting for attendees, and having a place to rest will make them want to come to your booth. While they sit you can engage with them and potentially turn them into customers.

  1. Make It Visually Appealing

While people engage with your booth, they should enjoy an attractive display. Everything from the display itself to the uniforms your team wears should be appealing. While the design isn't the only way to create a good atmosphere, it is one way to make your booth appealing.

  1. Provide an Incentive

Give people a reason to come to your booth. This might be a giveaway, or it could be a special trade show-specific deal or discount. These types of incentives are why people come to trade shows, so make them something people will want. Also, make it time-sensitive to encourage a fast decision.


Keeping People in Your Booth

Once you get people in your booth, you need a technique to keep them engaged. The more time they spend in your booth, the more they will remember about your business and its services. Try these strategies.

    1. Create Interactive Activities

    Have something in your booth that encourages guests to interact. Question and answer stations, games, and videos that require a response are all ideas that can work. Work with your booth design team to determine what interactive display pieces will work best with your branding goals and booth design.

    1. Add Some Technology

    Technology can enhance your guest’s experiences, so look for ways to add tech elements to your booth. In addition to having technology that they can use and interact with, consider adding charging stations. Many guests will need to charge their devices while at the trade show, and if you have a charging station at your booth, they will have a reason to stay and interact with your staff while their devices charge.

    1. Set up Discussion Areas

      Make sure you set aside some isolated, quiet areas for your staff to have discussions with guests visiting your booth. If you have a warm lead, you will want a place to talk to them and guide them toward a purchase decision free from unnecessary distractions.


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