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Rena PattonOct 30, 2019 7:00:00 AM2 min read

Best Practices for Large Island Trade Show Booths

If you want to put your best foot forward at your next trade show, go big, or go home. There’s nothing subtle about a large island or double deck booth; they’re built to claim the spotlight. While their size alone is pretty impressive, there are some best practices to follow in order to optimize your large island or two-story exhibit.

Have a vision

A large island trade show booth or double-deck is an attention grabber. Don’t let ‘em down! Come prepared with a strong theme for your island exhibition booth design. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to rely on the expertise of your design house to help you craft a killer theme.

Sell from all sides

Large islands take advantage of walkways on all sides, which is great for traffic but creates special considerations for your exhibit design. Because there’s no “front” to your booth, visitors could enter from anywhere. If you’d like to direct flow to one or two entrances, ensure that they aren’t hard to find and that even the non-entrance angles are still inviting.

You control the traffic flow, so be thoughtful

With great space comes great responsibility. Not only does your towering booth attract attention, it also gives you ample room to tell a story. Think about how you’ll use this space to guide your visitors through a miniature sales funnel as they walk through the exhibit. Similarly, you can plan the visitor’s path to engage them as long as possible by using well-placed, interactive displays and features.

Consider all vantage points when placing signage

Most island trade show booths are over 12 feet tall, with double decks being even taller. Visibility of super-high signage is great for people far away from your booth, but be aware that as they move closer the attendees won’t be able to see hanging signs and messaging on tall towers. Keep that hanging sign for sure, but include lots of branding at eye level for those who are passing close to your exhibit.

Design for flexibility

It’s integral that your large island exhibition booth design be flexible as far as floor space. The standard large island allotment varies greatly from event to event. Insist on a dynamic design that accommodates spaces from 20’x20’ up to around 50’x50’.

Leave extra time for design

Your large island exhibition booth design or double-deck booth design will take more time to design and manufacture than a standard inline display. Not only will you have more features, graphics, and lighting to design, you’ll probably have more stakeholders involved in the process as well. The higher price tag on the island and two-story booths means some upstream members of your organization will want a hand in development. Cushion your timeline to account for extra oversight.

Budget for extra staff

More space and more entry points require more staff. No one finds a deserted island welcoming, so make sure your large island trade show booth is bustling with attendants, especially at all entrance points and in areas where your visitors may need to be guided to the next point on the path.

Watch the trends

Keep an eye on island exhibition booth design trends to stay ahead of the curve. Check out some examples of cutting-edge large island booths and take advantage of the expertise of a great design house.

Have any additional questions about large island exhibits or two-story booths? The gurus at Exhibit Options are here to help!