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      By Rena Patton March 24, 2021

      Building a Better Trade Show Budget

      For decades, trade shows have been a marketing bastion for businesses of all sizes and industries. Budgeting for booth design,...

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      By Rena Patton February 17, 2021

      How to Successfully Prepare for a Trade Show in 2021

      Trade shows this year look a little different than they have in the past. While it’s difficult to abandon the status quo,...

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      By Rena Patton January 20, 2021

      In-Person or Virtual? Looking at the Future of the Events Industry

      It’s strange to think back to the beginning of the pandemic, when we thought we might have to simply postpone events for a...

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      Tags: Show Logistics, Trade Shows

      By Rena Patton December 16, 2020

      Will Open Office Design Survive? Cubicles Could Be Making a Comeback

      Walk into any trendy, modern workspace and look around. Odds are, you’ll have an expansive view. Over the last few decades,...

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      By Rena Patton November 18, 2020

      Video Marketing and Sales Outreach: Rearranging Your Strategy Post COVID-19

      Remember those days early in the pandemic when we thought things would go back to normal soon?

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      By Rena Patton October 21, 2020

      Safe and Successful: How Restaurants Can Thrive Through COVID-19

      The world is adjusting to a new socially-distanced (and highly sanitized) normal, but restaurants aren’t out of the weeds just...

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