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Rena PattonJun 23, 2021 7:00:00 AM3 min read

7 Strategies for Nurturing Your Trade Show Leads to Grow Partnerships

You have your exhibit. You have your booth staff. You have a plan to bring in new leads at your next event. But do you have a strategy in place to keep those customers, and turn them into ongoing partners?

Having a defined customer satisfaction tactic is an imperative (although not always obvious) aspect of a successful trade show marketing strategy.

Here are seven tips to integrate your trade show approach and your customer satisfaction efforts into one seamless, effective strategy:


1.) Know your audience

You may go into your next trade show THINKING you know who your target audience is. Does the evidence line up with your assumptions? Take a look at past trade show leads that grew into recurring customers. Do their characteristics match those of your target audience? Is there a common thread that’s missing from your current buyer personas?

Dig deep and look closely at the details to make sure you’re speaking to the right crowd.


2.) Put yourself in front of your customers before and after the show

Your current partners already know who you are, but that doesn’t mean you should stop including them in your pre and post-show marketing campaigns.

While you should definitely use customer contact information to send promotional emails and other marketing materials announcing your presence at an upcoming show, don’t hesitate to include current clients in your targeted ad campaigns as well.

Staying top-of-mind means that your client may make an effort to stop by, giving you a valuable opportunity to strengthen your partnership.


3.) Consider current customers when you prepare for your next trade show

Let’s say one of your current clients does happen to stop by. Do you have promotional materials on hand that pertain to existing customers? Is your booth staff trained to answer common questions that current partners may have? Will your client expect to be recognized, and to speak about a specific business situation?

Training and preparation for booth staff, appropriate materials, and maybe even some premium giveaways can all help you nail a chance to build a closer relationship with an existing customer.


4.) Partner with an exhibit house that brings consultant services to the table

Sometimes, the path from a lead to a recurring customer is murky. An experienced, skilled exhibit house can be a resource in helping you turn a prospect into a satisfied client.

A top-tier exhibit house starts by asking you the right questions and diagnosing any missed opportunities to nurture a lead or customer.


5.) Ask for feedback

How do you know if you created a trade show experience that was valuable to current clients? Well, ask and you shall receive. Send surveys, create social media polls, or even pick up the phone and have a chat.

Most businesses are happy to respond, and the insight you gain will be an incredible resource as you plan for your next trade show.


6.) Know the value of referrals

Are you worried that putting some of the focus of your trade show strategy on existing clients will take away from your focus on potential clients? Don’t be. Your current customers double as lead-generators.

If you’ve nurtured your partnerships effectively, you’ll find a steady flow of referral business headed your way.


7.) Build partnerships to grow your business

Transactional, one-sided business relationships are a thing of the past. Successful businesses know that a mutually beneficial partnership is the foundation of growth for all parties involved. Spend a little extra time with your current customers — on AND off the trade show floor. We promise, the results will pay off.

Ready to work with an exhibit house that understands how a beautiful booth and a great trade show strategy fit into the big picture of your business? Exhibit Options can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out today.