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Rena PattonMay 14, 2019 9:31:00 AM2 min read

5 Tips for Product Sampling at Your Next Trade Show

Product sampling can be a great way to bring in more visitors, generate more leads and leave a lasting impression at your next trade show.

Not only does it get your products into the hands of qualified potential buyers, but it also gives you a chance to solicit feedback, gauge your current offerings and marketing strategies, and adapt your methodologies based on those results.

Are you considering product sampling at your next event or expo? Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Label and brand all samples

There’s no point in handing out samples if customers won’t know where to purchase them later on. Make sure your samples are all properly branded and labeled, and that your contact info (website, phone number, etc.) is clearly displayed. In the event your visitors don’t try the samples until after the show, they should be able to identify what the product is, who gave it to them and how to order more if they so desire.

2. Record all feedback

One of the best parts of product sampling is that it gets you free, unadulterated feedback. Use that to your advantage. Have forms out, and allow visitors to write down their immediate thoughts on the samples. When you get back to the office, go through each note and take them to heart. What worked and what didn’t? What could be better? Use these findings to fuel future product iterations or marketing campaigns.

3. Test new products

Product sampling is a smart way to test new or pending products. It allows you to solicit feedback, gauge consumer response and hone your strategy moving forward. You can also test general product ideas you might consider developing.

4. Keep them small 

Trade show attendees have lots to carry. They get brochures, freebies and product samples at every booth, and they’re already juggling their own notebooks, business cards, handouts, and materials. If you want to make sure your product samples are used or carried home, they have to be small so they don’t burden your already overwhelmed visitors. Shoot for samples that are fist-sized or smaller to ensure they can easily fit into a tote bag.

5. Draw attention

Make sure your samples get noticed. Use your expo displays to highlight them and draw in visitors. Most importantly, make sure they offer an opportunity to engage the visitor and, ideally, capture their contact information for your lead nurturing efforts later on.

One last tip

In order to make the best use of your resources, estimate the number of potential visitors before purchasing your samples. How many people will be at the show? What fraction will likely visit your booth? You don’t want to over-purchase your samples unless they will stay in mint condition until future shows or a bulk buy gets you a serious discount.

Need help determining how many samples you need? Or interested in ideas for highlighting samples on the showroom floor? Contact us today.