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Rena PattonJul 23, 2019 8:26:00 AM2 min read

4 Signs You May Need a Full Service Exhibit House

A successful trade show exhibition requires a strong team of resources – both in-house and outsourced. 

You can call in a pro for your expo displays and signage design, you can use an outside source to assemble your booth live on the trade show floor, and you can even bring in a third-party to train your staff and coordinate labor.

In some cases, you might even want to do all of the above – especially if your company's team is small or inexperienced. 

Here are four scenarios when you might want a full-service exhibit house to take the reins or provide the extra support in areas of need:

1. You’re balancing multiple shows

When you have several trade shows going on at once — or even within a few weeks of each other — you and your team can’t devote 100% to a single show, leaving another (or all) to suffer. Ideally, you should have a singularly devoted team for any trade show you commit to, but if limited internal resources won't allow for this, then it's time to seek outside assistance. 

2. You’re new to the trade show scene

There are a lot of moving parts as an exhibitor, along with plenty of important deadlines along the way. When you’re new to exhibiting, one of the best ways to learn is by example. Call in a full-service exhibit house that can help you anticipate the unexpected, and take note of their process. What does the timeline look like? What goes into planning, coordinating and executing a successful outing? Don’t be afraid to ask plenty questions and leverage their experience.

3. You’re attending a really important show

Will your next show be packed with potential leads, swarming with competition, or with one big-ticket client you really want to impress? It never hurts to have a second set of eyes to review and support your plans and strategy. Best of all, it also frees up your internal team, so they can focus on executing your overall objectives and show floor sales efforts.

4. You’re short-staffed 

Maybe you just lost a staffer to maternity leave, your company has downsized, or you were just a small company to begin with. Whatever the reason, being short-staffed can hurt your trade show efforts significantly. If you’re low on internal resources, bring in a full-service firm. Not only can they help fill in those staffing gaps, but their deep experience and knowledge of industry trends can augment your efforts on the whole. 

Get the Support You Need

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