Remember those days early in the pandemic when we thought things would go back to normal soon?

Well, despite that not having really happened yet, all is not lost!

While many businesses instituted temporary solutions to business challenges brought on by social distancing, it may be time to start thinking more long term, especially when it comes to video marketing and video sales efforts.

Still wondering how to make video marketing work for your business? Consider these strategies:


1. Don’t slow down your sales approach — shift it.

Businesses that relied heavily on trade shows, conventions, and other in-person sales methods may find themselves with a budget to reallocate, and a LOT of questions.

Most importantly, realize that it’s okay to shift your sales approach. Although your previous methods may have been working very well, they’re simply not an option right now. Rather than lose steam, charge forward in a new direction.

Your target market can no longer be found in a convention center. They are, however, definitely online, searching for solutions like the one you offer. And they still benefit from face-to-face interaction with your brand. Video marketing and video sales outreach gives you an opportunity to make that happen.


2. Stay in front of your audience, from a distance.

One of the reasons that event marketing and in-person sales calls work so well is because these methods put your people front and center.

By pivoting toward video, you can keep the focus on the personal aspects of your brand. For example, rather than having your sales team send generic, impersonal outreach emails, create personalized video introductions for them to use instead.

Video doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. The important thing is that you continue to demonstrate the human side of your brand, especially via the team members that your customers will be interacting with the most (such as sales associates, training staff, and project management contacts).


3. Double down on branding.

Brand videos should be a key component of your marketing strategy. A brand video works a lot like a trade show exhibit. It uses visuals to show people who you are and what you do, and encourages them to learn more.

Brand videos take many forms. You can use a video to explain how your company got started, give a demo of how your product works, provide a behind-the-scenes look, or dive into issues that are important to your industry.

The best part is that video marketing for businesses is incredibly versatile. Videos can be posted in long-form on your website, YouTube, and other hosting platforms. Your video can be trimmed into shorter clips for distribution on social media. Brand videos even work well for sales outreach.


4. Take advantage of technology.

Video marketing is easier than it’s ever been. With basic recording equipment, you can create personalized, branded videos that can be used throughout your marketing efforts. Or, you can recruit a video marketing company to handle it all for you.

Another great aspect of video marketing is that it’s very trackable. While it’s impossible to know how many people spotted your exhibit at a trade show, you can easily track how many people have viewed your videos.

Services like VidYard or Wistia offer even deeper metric options, such as which parts of your video were most engaging to your audience, or at which point in the video your viewers clicked away.

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